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Salvia Source needs your help!

Because the site no longer sells live plants I, the webmaster Paradoxic, am in need of a small amount of money in order to keep the site up and running smoothly. One of the costs is web hosting and domain fees. As of right now the only source of income for the website are the Google Ads which do not bring in a significant amount of money, not even enough to cover web hosting. So I am paying almost everything out-of-pocket and as a full-time student with only a part-time job this is a significant expense. On top of web hosting I must volunteer my own time to maintain the site which can be quite time-consuming. This involves updating the forums, keeping the anti-spam software updated, keeping the website free of malware, and making other kinds of software updates. All I am trying to get through the donations is web and domain hosting covered and hopefully a little compensation for my time. Please help me to do this by making a small donation. If I get enough money in donations I am more than willing to remove the Google Ads.

When you donate at least $5 you will get a special seal that will be attached to your profile (it will be shown below your avatar) that corresponds to how much you donated. Here are the different seals you would get for donating the following amounts:

$5-9 bronze donor
$10-24 silver donor
$25 and over - gold donor
Additional benefit: no Google Ads will be shown on the website when you are logged into your account (will be effective immediately).
I'm still thinking of other benefits to give to people that donate. Any benefits that I come up with will automatically be applied to the accounts of anyone who has donated before I added the benefit so please don't wait to donate.

Please use the PayPal button below to send your donation. Until I create a system that automatically recognizes your account, you must enter your forum username into the textbox after sending your donation so I know which member it came from.

Please allow 24 hours for your seal to appear and/or other donor benefits to be activated.
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