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Author Topic: Uses for Salvia divinorum as proposed by Leander J. Valdes III  (Read 10005 times)
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« on: July 24, 2009, 12:23:35 PM »


Remedial uses of S. divinorum
From the shaman the investigators learned that the plant could be used as a medicine as well as for the induction of visions. A low dose serves as what the investigators interpreted to be a tonic or panacea as well as for magical healing (Don Alejandro did not use such terms). An infusion prepared from 4 or 5 pairs of fresh or dry leaves may be taken by the glass (vase) or tablespoonful (cucharoda) as needed. It is used to cure the following illnesses, although there may be other possible uses:

   1. It helps one defecate and urinate. It stops diarrhea (the plant appar- ently is believed to regulate eliminatory functions).
   2. It is given to the sick, old or dying to revive them or alleviate their illness. People who are pale, white and almost ready to die (they have anemia) may recuperate on taking la Maria.
   3. It may be taken to relieve headache and rheumatism (however, when taken in the high doses that induce visions; it often leaves one with a head- ache the following morning, according to the curandero).
   4. There is a semi-magical disease known panz6n de barrego (sic), or a swollen belly, which is supposedly caused by a curse from a brujo, or evil sorcerer. The victim's midsection swells up due to a stone that has been put inside them. Taking the Salvia causes elimination of this stone and the belly shrinks down to size. The researchers met an old shaman who showed them his wrinkled middle and said he had cured himself of the disease by use of la Maria. Don Alejandro confirmed the illness and the cure.


1. Various sensations were reported by the subjects while lying or sitting down in quiet darkness. These included flying or floating and traveling through space, twisting and spinning, heaviness or lightness of the body and soreness.
   2. Physical effects also accompanied the experience. There was an intoxication that produced dizziness and a lack of coordination on trying to move about. The recording of the second session revealed slurred speech and awkward sentence patterns. Diaz had a decrease in heart rate accom- panied by a chill. Both subjects had a normal pupillary response to a light shined into their eyes.
   3. Even though the subjects were aware of the sensations and the physi- cal incoordination produced by the Salvia infusion, they claimed their minds seemed to be in a state of acute awareness. The experience was not like intoxication from alcoholic beverages.
   4. Previous reports of S. divinorum ingestion emphasized the mildness of its effects, and the shortness of their duration. It has been shown, how- ever, that under the appropriate conditions of quiet and darkness it, was possible to experience effects which lasted for hours. The visions produced were readily terminated by noise or light.
   5. There is apparently an aspect of the Salvia intoxication that leaves the subject's mind in a receptive state. This was well documented in the second session when both subjects spoke out fairly continuously. Diaz began by describing plants and flowers. After he finished speaking Valdes began with a similar vision. When Diaz lamented his inability to see the religious figures as described by the curandero, he apparently triggered off Valdes, who saw such imagery for the rest of the session and during the ride in the car. As Valdes described a castle, Diaz began to see one also. Don Alejandro's son translated the shaman's explanation of how S. divinorum worked in humans.
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« Reply #1 on: February 15, 2010, 07:19:18 PM »

This make me think that I'd love to try the experience in Isolation tank (sensory deprivation system).
This might be the one for those living in cities or noisy jungle !!

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« Reply #2 on: April 07, 2013, 04:56:46 AM »

I'd love to try the experience in Isolation tank.

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