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February 16, 2015, 10:44:38 AM *
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 on: February 15, 2015, 05:40:59 AM 
Started by Desmond - Last post by Desmond
So there is good news and... well a lot of bad news.
The bad news is that the enourmous salvia didn't make it. The leaves got more and more brown, then they all fell off, and then stem started turning black and hard and the black hardness crept up day by day until the entire plant was dead within a week. We think what happened is the plant-sitter over watered horribly, then while it was so cold in the house the water in the soil froze and ensured the death of the plant. I took cuttings once I saw it was going to die, but every single one of them died too, from the same rot.

The good news is I still have the clone I made before. The other bad news, however, is that there is something weird wrong with it and I'm worried that if I don't do something then it's going to die as well.
Its symptoms are:
- Very little growth.
- Top leaves are such a pale yellow, they are literally almost white. I have never seen this in a plant.
- Bottom of the stem looks iffy. There is a little bit of white power stuff on the stem which comes away when I wipe it. Mildew? Something worse? Evidence of stem rot affecting this plant too?
- There's also something up with the big leaves, they bend down towards the stem rather than sticking out.
- Overall weird/sick/stressed appearence.

I have read that nitrogen deficiency can cause pale leaves, but I have been fertilising this plant. It's entirely possible the plant-murderer who was supposed to be looking after this tried to fertilise and used waaaay too much. Would that be a possible cause? I know lack of light can also make them go pale, but I was under the impression that the plant would also stretch out if it wasn't getting enough light, which this plant has not done. It hasn't grown much at all in quite a while. Compare today's pictures with the last one I posted of this plant and you'll see how much weirdness has happened to it since then.

White Leaves?!

Leaves in odd position, as if she's trying to cover herself up out of shame...

Lifted a leaf so you can see the leaves underneath which have not grown in forever:

Those coloured things in the pot are staws that have been poked full of holes. I read online that this may help to oxegenate the roots and minimise the risk of rot. I implemented this yesterday. I have also invested in a couple of grow lights (one red/blue led, one blue 125w CFL) which I have set up above her in the hopes that they might give her a little boost.

Please help. I really don't want to lose this plant.

 on: February 15, 2015, 05:35:30 AM 
Started by Desmond - Last post by Desmond

 on: February 15, 2015, 05:35:01 AM 
Started by Desmond - Last post by Desmond

 on: February 15, 2015, 05:19:36 AM 
Started by Desmond - Last post by Desmond

 on: February 03, 2015, 02:01:54 AM 
Started by Highdroponics - Last post by TCorina
GIMP is good.
I use it all the time.
I helped on this site graphics, most done with GIMP

 on: January 30, 2015, 08:11:03 PM 
Started by rainz3d - Last post by rainz3d
I'm using pretty bad soil at the moment. It's just a store-bought potting mix. If I had access to a good garden store I'd be using a perlite/vermiculite/peat moss and compost mix. Just hoping they grow in this sub-par soil at the moment then will move future cuttings into some better and more fast draining soil.

 on: January 29, 2015, 03:35:06 AM 
Started by rainz3d - Last post by ZaroSath
Glad to hear it, Was wondering what kind of soil your using?
I want to try something new.

 on: January 28, 2015, 09:27:30 PM 
Started by rainz3d - Last post by rainz3d
Thanks for the comments Smiley

My original plant is doing well and has sent up some new shoots, so it turns out it wasn't rotting after all:

The cutting I made has grown some roots:

So I planted it and here it is in the new pot:

 on: January 27, 2015, 07:08:12 PM 
Started by rainz3d - Last post by ZaroSath
Thanks for the updates rainz3d, I need to start growing my sally up again, Just down to 1 one small plant overwintering right now.

Some changes coming up for the community here pretty quick!

 on: January 20, 2015, 08:35:29 PM 
Started by rainz3d - Last post by JCMMA
Those are great news! I hope that your plants start growing fast soon Smiley

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